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Boston City Language Statistics

The greater Boston area is home to a diverse population of individuals speaking a large number of languages, making it important for any company doing business in Boston to be aware of the linguistic diversity of the city. In Boston, fully 25% of the population (more than 150,000 people) is foreign born, and nearly half of those have been in the United States less than ten years, making it imperative to communicate with these new arrivals in their language.

Some figures from the Boston Redevelopment Authority show just how diverse the area’s linguistic
tapestry is:

    • One-third of Boston residents speak a language other than English
    • 16% of Bostonians do not speak English well enough to get by
    • 14% speak Spanish, half of whom do not speak English well
    • 12% speak another Indo-European Language, nearly half of whom do not speak English well
    • 6 % speak an Asian language, two-thirds of whom do not speak English well

    This linguistic diversity reflects Boston’s ethnic diversity:

    • 25% of Bostonians are foreign-born
    • Half of foreign-born Bostonians come from Latin America
    • One-fourth come from Asia
    • 17.5% come from Europe
    • 9% come from Africa


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